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Gadgil Manohar Ganesh
Expert Building Structure

B.E. (Civil )
M. Tech (Struct )

An eminent Structural Engineer having 40 Years of experience sound experience in carrying out Structural analysis/ Design of various structures such as canopies, domes, pyramids, skylights, glazing, etc, dynamic analysis & design of frame type foundation, free vibration analysis & forced vibration (steady state) analysis, etc

As Faculty member for the last 30 years FOR V.J.T.I., Mumbai, developed several testing facilities in the material testing laboratory of V.J.T.I. Demonstrated Theory Of Elasticity, Theory Of Shells, Theory Of Plates, Finite Element Analysis, Structural Dynamics, Elastic stability, Non-linear Analysis of structures, Analysis of Composite Structures.

Guided on Dissertation of PG Student involving, Static Analysis of Flat Slabs, Folded Plates, Polygonal plates, Shells, etc, Collapse Load Analysis of Plane Steel Frames, Lateral Torsional Stability of Beams, Elastic Stability of Space Frames, Elastic Stability of Shells, Transient Analysis of Slabs Subjected to High / Low Velocity Impact., Transient Analysis of Plane Frames Subjected to Blast Loads, Elastic Static Analysis of Infilled Frames, Inelastic Static Analysis of Infilled Frames, Modal Analysis of Infilled Frames, Stochastic Wind Analysis of Chimneys and Cooling Tower., Inelastic Seismic Analysis of R.C. Plane Frames Subjected to Ground Motion, Transient Analysis of Slab Bridges, Use of Computer Graphics In Structural Analysis of Plane Structure. Analysis of Tension structures, machine foundations, Seismic qualification of RC buildings, etc.

Successfully undertaken several Industry sponsored projects in the field of Structural analysis/ Design using various Softwares and some specialized softwares developed by him. Important assignments completed by him are:

Also associated with designing and analysis of steel structures such as canopies, domes, pyramids, skylights, glazing, etc for various fabricators in Mumbai and at several places outside Maharashtra. Design also involved few tension/Fabric structures like canopies, large span roofs, Tents, Machans etc at Ambi Valley for Sahara at Lonavala, in Maharashtra and Common wealth games in New Delhi.

Also involved in the testing of several building materials and structural components using Indian and International codes.

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